The Last Weeks of Pregnancy

third trimester Apr 01, 2022
Why are the last weeks of pregnancy so long

Have you heard the saying that a pregnancy is 9 months long except for the final 2 weeks which are a whole year long? If you haven't heard it, you’re no doubt nodding in agreement right now as you wait and wonder when your baby will appear.

The Germans have a word for this time, “zwischen” which literally means “between.” Between two worlds. Perhaps you have stopped work. Certainly your body has asked you to slow down; to pay attention, signaling that this time of pregnancy will be ending soon and a new identity of parent to a newborn will be born.


If you are able, make some space now to offer some reverence to the time you are in; the time where your body and emotions are preparing for the journey ahead; preparation for the opening of something new and awe inspiring.


I often suggest to my childbirth education clients that they schedule some things to look forward to during this time. Some things that will feed them. Maybe a massage, a pedicure, going to a movie, meeting up with a friend. Whatever will nourish you and allow you to remain present in this time.


If you’re in Seattle and want a massage, add yourself to the waiting list by and you’ll get an email if any appointments become available in the next few weeks. There is never a penalty for cancelling for labor and assuming you are not experiencing any medical issues that your doctor or midwife is concerned about, you can enjoy massage right up until you give birth. (No giving birth on my massage table though lol!)


Wishing you a calm stressfree zwischen


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