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first trimester Apr 27, 2022

From about 23 weeks of pregnancy, your  baby is able to hear sounds from outside the womb!

This is especially fun as now you can start talking and singing to your baby and they will be able to hear you. Some parents start a reading or music ritual at this stage that they continue after the baby is born. It can be a wonderful way for partners to bond with their unborn baby too.

One birth I attended comes to mind as I write this. The birth itself ended up in an unplanned cesarean and both parents were feeling stressed. After the birth, the baby was put on his mother's chest and cried. The father pulled out his cell phone and right there in the operating room, he started to play the song that they had played to their baby every night of their pregnancy. The baby stopped crying immediately, the rest of the room fell away, and this new little family bonded over a familiar moment they had shared for months before.

Setting up a bonding ritual can be as simple as taking 10 minutes in the evening to sit together, talk, play music or read some children's books to your baby. Simple things that you'll carry on doing for a lifetime.

What things do you do to bond with your baby? Or what did you do when you were pregnant? Drop me a line in the comments. I'd love to hear.

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