Hi! I'm Emma

Childbirth Educator - Birth Doula - Postpartum Doula - Prenatal & Postpartum Massage Therapist - Reflexologist - Aquarian - Dog Mom - Chocolate Aficionado....

Hi, I'm Emma

Childbirth Educator - Birth Doula - Postpartum Doula - Prenatal & Postpartum Massage Therapist - Reflexologist - Aquarian - Dog Lover - Chocolate Aficionado....

How I got here:


I'm Emma Christensen and I've been working in the birth and postpartum world in various capacities for the last 15 years. Originally from England, I've lived in the States since 2000 and have attended births in New York, Los Angeles and in Seattle. I currently live in Seattle WA where I spend my spare time hiking in the woods with my girlfriend and the world's cutest dogs, Maggie and Molly and eating chocolate. (My two most favorite things to do).

How My Journey Began


People often ask me how I got into birthwork and the truth is that it found me. Back in 2007, I was at a crossroads in my life. Having worked as a nanny my whole working life, I was looking to do something else and a good friend who also happened to be a midwife, suggested I'd make a good doula. That turned out to be the greatest suggestion I've ever been given. 

After training to be both a birth and postpartum doula, I spent the next 15 years supporting families during their pregnancies, births and after their babies went home from the hospital. No two births have been alike and no two families journeys are the same but I have loved being a part of them all. 

In 2014, I added to that support by training as a prenatal massage therapist and now run a thriving full time prenatal and postpartum massage practice in Seattle WA, teach childbirth education and newborn care, while also still attending births where I can.

How I Can Help


I see upwards of 60 pregnant or postpartum parents in my massage clinic every month and they tell me their stories. They don't often have someone to chat to who knows birth; they don't get a lot of time with their doctor at appointments and their friends may not have the answers they seek. 

They ask me questions about what the changes they're experiencing in their body, about what to expect at the hospital, about epidurals and due dates and whether their baby will ever sleep longer than 3 hours at a time. 

I love talking about all these things. I could talk about birth all day every day. I'd love to normalize birth as a part of everyday life, and for people to feel supported in their community as they go through this extremely transformative time in their lives. 

That's what I have strived to create in my childbirth classes. A community, where you can learn anything you want to know about birth, make your own desicions about whether you want pain medication or not in a supportive environment and where you and your partner can learn to support each other through what is likely one of the biggest times of your life. 

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Fun facts about me




I'm British, born and bred, with the accent to prove it. I've been in the US since 2000 though, so my accent gets muddled with American. My level of Britishness at any given time is directly correlated with how much of The Crown or Call the Midwife I'm watching. 



Seems like a weird thing to share as a "fun fact", I know but for some reason, most people meet me and automatically assume I'm a vegetarian. So I'm setting the record straight here, I love bacon!



I'm the oldest of 3 and was born right on my due date. This was however, no indicator for my Mum of how future pregnancies would go, as my brothers were born 2 weeks late and 2 weeks early respectively. My Mum likes to say that our personalities match our entry to this world! 

Available Courses


Childbirth Education


Our 7 week signature childbirth education series helps you prepare for labor, birth and the first few weeks of your new baby's life

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Infant Massage

Coming soon - Spring 2022

Learn how to bond with your baby by giving them a relaxing massage. Instruction is given by a professional massage therapist

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Newborn Care Workshop

Coming Soon - Spring 2022



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